Costa Rica Centroamericano RFA  Natural process brown roast


Costa Rica Centroamericano RFA Natural process brown roast

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During our recent visit to Costa Rica, we were introduced to Diego Robelo, who welcomed us to the Aqiares Estate. This 2283 acre farm is located high on the slopes of Costa Rica’s Turrialba Volcano. Amid this estate is the Aquiares community, where 1800 people live among the coffee and the farm.

Once owned by the estate, the homes were offered up to the workers at a discounted price, which allowed the workers to live near their work. Today, 96% of Aquiares workers own their own home, and their children are all educated. Pickers, who are seasonal, can stay in housing on site, and mothers can place their children in day care centers on the estate so they may carry on their workday.

Coffee from Aquiares is produced with care for its employees, and with respect for the land and the natural forest which accounts for 20% of Aquiares land.

Aquiares was the first Costa Rican coffee farm to obtain Certification from the Rainforest Alliance Climate Module.

Aquiares has now been certified Carbon Neutral, and is actually Carbon Negative!

Organic buffer zones protect over 30 streams and 50 springs on the property which are the source of drinking water for 3 surrounding communities.

Aquiares manages the entire coffee production chain from seedling to the roast profile. This allows for a transparent and traceable chain.

The on-site mill or Beneficio was the first to be registered with ICAFE and thus has the ID number #001.

We are proud to have made the connection with Diego and Aquiares, and have cooperated with our importers to begin a journey with Aquiares coffee and the Brulerie des Monts. As such we will be offering 3 different coffees from the past year.


A cross between Rume Sudan from Ethiopia and Sarchimor from Central America. This coffee enjoys the shaded conditions of Aquiares. Notes of Apricot, Blueberry, chocolate and walnuts.


Variety : Centroamericano ( SarchimorT5296 x Rume Sudan)

Inspired by the traditional African method of processing coffee, the cherries are spread in a patio for solar drying, without previously removing the pulp that surrounds the bean. Over a slow drying process, which takes up to, 3 weeks, the beans absorb traces of the alcohols and sugars that make up the fruit of the cherry. The result is a coffee which will conquer the taste buds of those who crave exotic, sweet flavours. Our Naturals offer unique blueberry and chocolate notes, within a very complex body and fine acidity.

Processing Details:

All floater beans removed

Natural Process – No pulp detached from bean

Sun-drying: 2 days pre-drying, cement floor

20-25 days African raised bed, 28ºC – 45ºC range

Micro-lot Details:

Max 5 category 2 defects & 0 category 1 defects

Specialty Preparation, minimum density 680g/L

Bean Size: 90% > Screen 16

Humidity: 10.5% - 11%

Cupping Notes: blueberry, apricot,

raisins, chocolate, juicy sweetness